Shattered_Crust_Cover_for_KindleMolly and her mother traveled to Yellowstone on an extended vacation. While there, Molly fell in love with a handsome park ranger, Bryce. But there was turmoil in Yellowstone, and things were not as they appeared. Bears killed many tourists, which forced the park to close.

A Native American, Dakota, befriended Molly. He had knowledge about ancient legends, and he told her about some that sounded like tall tales until they surged to life from beneath the crust.

When Molly stumbled upon an ancient cavern filled with Native American drawings, she and her friends began to unravel the mysteries.

After leaving Yellowstone for a short trip to her home state of Oregon, Molly discovered an old book about Yellowstone legends, and she knew that she had to find the author. When she did, the real mysteries began, as his dementia made things even more difficult to understand.

Molly and her friends tried to unravel the clues that she had been given. They set out on a quest to save the world, and Molly learned along the way that even her new friends were not who they seemed to be. She also learned that the world was much bigger than she ever imagined.

Shattered Crust is love story, mystery, fantasy and suspense mingled together into one page-turning book. Monsters are on the loose in this excellent read that harbors a good-versus-evil undertone. Its twists and turns brilliantly lead to the sequel, Beneath the Crust: Yellowstone’s Secret Jewel.

Molly discovered that when fear visits, it owns you, that you can freeze, but that you can’t just turn and walk away. She learned that the only way to conquer fear is to take its hand and walk beside it then to do whatever is required to overtake it.


Reader Reviews:

“This is the best Young Adult book since TWILIGHT!

“I can’t wait to read more stories by this author.”

“She’s hooked me in for the sequel.”


20160220_124328Be sure to participate in the Book Selfie Challenge to see where the legends will surface next!




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